About Us


Is an EduFinTech application that is developing to become a Robo-Advisory platform helping people by giving structured education, stock reference, analysis, as well as an answer to every question. What differs Emtrade with other platform is that Emtrade answers every question in a personal, faster, systematical, and easy to understand.

Alpino Kianjaya


Alpino Kianjaya is formerly served as Trading and Membership Director at PT Bursa Efek Indonesia / Indonesia Stock Exchange (2015-2018), CEO of PT MNC Sekuritas (2013-2015), CEO of PT Indo Premier Securities (2002-2012), & COO of PT DBS Securities Indonesia (1991-2002), Independent Comissioner of PT MNC Securities (2019-current).

Alpino Kianjaya was graduated from Universitas Tarumanegara in 1987 majoring Accountancy. He started his professional career in 1987-1989 as Chief Accountant di PT Indo Himson Garment Factory, Chief Accountant PT Hamadia Raya Semesta (1989 – 1991) before continuing his career in the capital market industry.

He was a part of Indonesia Stock Exchange Members Dicipline Committee (2009 – 2013), Credit Policy and Risk Management Committee of PT Kliring Penjaminan Efek Indonesia (2010 – 2015) & Haircut Committee of PT Kliring Penjaminan Efek Indonesia (2011 – 2015).

Ellen May

Founder & CEO

Ellen May started her journey in the capital market in 2007, and facing the turmoil of stock market crash in 2008 which made it her turning point in becoming a professional in investing & trading. Since then, she has been actively educating people through seminars, workshops, and her books.

She wrote 3 books for beginners in trading & investing in the stock market, and 3 of them are national best selling, namely:

  • Smart Traders Not Gamblers
  • Smart Trader Rich Investor
  • Nabung Saham Sekarang

Ellen May was graduated from Bina Nusantara University majoring Computer Science. She started to provide online education in investing and trading since 2016 and develop an education technology platform named “Emtrade” in 2019 to pursue the goal of helping more people make money in the stock market in a way that is easier and without hassle.

Currently we are still looking for the C-level officers, especially the CTO. If you have you the qualifications to apply or have any references / candidates for the positions, please feel free to email us at hr@emtrade.id